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It's weird coming back to this journal after all this time and looking at the pictures here, they bring back so many memories. So I am beginning to make changes in my life, I know it will not be easy but even though it will be a struggle I am committed to doing what I need to do. I've been thinking a lot the last month or so about rebirth and new beginnings. The season and the holidays of Palm Sunday, Good Friday, and Easter hold personal significance to me and also things that have been going on in my life lately.

A friend gave me a gift with a card that really touched me, it's an audiobook by Dr Wayne Dyer. I've heard of him before and I've seen a few of his books but I have never read one so it should be something new and interesting, I think I will start listening to it tonight. I'm also reading Night In The Lonesome October by Richard Laymon, I've been reading a few of his books lately. The title of the book comes from a line in the Edgar Allen Poe poem Ulalume, I've always been a Poe fan. The book is about a guy who goes out walking at night and the strange people he meets. On the first night he goes out at night he sees some girl out walking and he wonders about her so he decides to keep going out at night and looking for her. In the part I'm at now he just up actually talking to her, so I guess I'll find out where that leads. The main topic of conversation so far is the crazed stalker/possible serial killer who drives around in a pickup truck and the homeless guys who hang out under and bridge at night and apparently eat people. I doubt the rest of the book will be boring.

So right now I've living just a few blocks away from a house I lived in years ago, I sometimes walk by there, it brings back a lot of memories of those times in my life. At that time I was a college student and if I remember right that was the first place and I lived where I was on my own without any roommates, (Until my girlfriend at the time lost her apartment and I let her move in with me, but all that drama is another story in itself), and I usually was up late at night when I lived there. I lived right near the end of a dead end street I was the second to last house on the left. Next to me there was this awesome old wooden two story house which kind of looked like the psycho house but it wasn't up on a hillside. Just up past that house was a park and a long trail started out from the beginning of that park led gradually upwards along the route of an old railroad grade. Sometimes I would go out at night and stop by the park and then walk down the trail and back. I really like that time late at night where everything is quiet and somewhat mysterious and most people are asleep.

Coming back home I would walk buy the house next door and see mannequins looking out the upstairs windows. I would wonder who lived in there and make up stories in my head about what went on in the old house. Eventually I did find those things out and it was a pretty interesting story and I met Francis the guy who owned the house. I'll go into that story in my next post which won't take nearly as long in coming as this one did it will be soon, (maybe even as soon as tomorrow). I walked back by there and the house was torn down and it there is just a vacant area where the house used to be, it made me kind of sad to see the house was no longer there. I guess some rich land speculator had bought the property and had the house town down. There was a nearby condo or apartment complex that wasn't there when I lived there, so maybe that had something to do with it.

It is the evening of May 1st, the first day of the month I was born. As I said it feels like a new beginning and rebirth for me in a lot of ways, maybe to celebrate and reminisce on those times, I will take a walk down the trail by where that house used to be, wish me luck. I'll write more about the story behind the house soon. I'll leave the one possible person who still may read this after all this time with that cliffhanger and I promise there will be more to come soon, I'm going to start posting to this journal a lot more regularly than every 2 years ;)
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