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I'ts Still Memorial Day (Parks Tour)

Sooooo I finished reading Night In The Lonesome October it turned out to be a pretty good book, I would like to read more of Richard Laymon's stuff. I'm just starting to read The Great And Secret Show by Clive Barker, so hopefully I will like that, I've never read much of his stuff I think only part of Weaveworld which I still have somewhere and want to finish. I guess this book goes with another book called Everville which is a follow up to the first book, I would also like to read The Books Of Blood, the short story collection,I've heard they are pretty good.

Yesterday was Memorial Day, (yes I know this post is backdated by a day but don't tell anyone, we'll pretend it's still Monday May 30th) ;) I went out for a walk and stopped by a couple parks I really like, one is Cornwall Park, I used to go there a lot as a kid and it's still one of my favorite places to hang out, there's walking trails and the park also has a nine hole disc golf course which I've been getting back into playing. Going back there always beings back a lot of memories of my grandpa who was a WWII veteran in the Army Corps Of Engineers. He lead a really interesting life, he went a lived in Alaska for awhile panning for gold, he also worked as a miner, for several years, and was a union leader and worked for several years for the city Water Department. He had some really interesting stories to tell, he liked to go over to the park and would take me over there a lot. When he retired he would ride his bike over there every morning and go around the trials there. I always liked going to Cornwall Park with him and listening to stories about his life.

After stopping off to get a few groceries I went to another area I like, Memorial Park, which is near the trial and and the house I wrote about earlier in my cleverly backdated Bithday post) ;) It's a smaller park than Cornwall and it has momument walls that list each war people from Whatcom County who died in each war. It's a little somber but I like to go there and reflect sometimes, it feels peaceful there. I went there on Memorial Day, and spent some time thinking about the sacrifices people made to defend this country. As I said my Grandpa was a veteran who served in World War II. He never really talked too much about the war, mostly people he met and I remember him saying that "we did what we had to do".

I remember seeing newspaper clippings about a reunion he and a soldier from the UK had with a girl they had helped during the war. If I remember the story right they have found her alone when she was a young girl a kept her safe until she could be reunited with her family. They had lost touch over the years and the girl, now a woman, had written letters to a newspapers to find both of them to thank them. She ended up finding both of them and years later they all reunited in New York. I remember seeing a newspaper clipping, I think it was from the New York Times, that had a picture of them reuniting after all those years and meeting each other again. I thought that was a really great story that she remembered them for helping her and was able to find them again after all those years and they were all able to meet again.

Just one of the stories and thoughts on my mind, on Memorial Day, in rememberence of my Grandfather.
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